Meet 'The Little French Girl'! / by Jonathan Hayes


I’d delighted to say that my latest Nini Doll, ‘The Little French Girl’, has been completed and makes her debut this weekend. She is my 32nd Nini Doll and I’ve loved making her in all her subtle complexity.

‘The Little French Girl’ was inspired by my summer trip to the medieval towns south east of Bergerac, the vintage shops and the children running about the market squares. I created sketch and my doll is the result, using some fabrics that I picked up in those tantalising antique shops!

I’ve added various photographs of my new doll to her gallery page and hope that you enjoy them. Whilst she waits to find a new home she can assist with the creation of my next Nini, ‘The Good Sister’ and in the development of my Nini Mini dolls. I’d be delighted if you’ll keep checking in on their progress.

With very best wishes and thanks for looking!

Jonny x