Nini Doll - the fully sculpted doll / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

It has always been my ambition to create a fully sculpted doll alongside my fabric and plaster resin-headed dolls and in the last few months I have been moving that dream to a reality.

Beginning with a 15” tall sculpt in clay I worked for many hours to develop a new head and body for a full body sculpt. Once I’d reached a point where I was happy with the proportions and overall look of the sculpt I moved on to more technological methods to develop the doll further. The technology side is very new to much and with some training I learned quickly how to take scans of my clay sculpture, blend the scans together using up-to-the-minute 3d computer software and then convert this information into a set of matrices that can be read by a 3D printer.

I’m now in the throes of 3D printing prototypes in a miniature form of 20 cm tall and checking on how the separate components join together, articulate, pose and stand. I was thrilled to find that the first 3D printed prototype is able to stand by itself and also hold a handstand unaided! There’s still a little way to go by things are looking promising and I’ve been adding photos to the Nini website page and also on social media pages. Thank you to everyone who is coming along for the ride!

The little 20cm tall Nini seems to be quite a popular little doll so far and I am looking at developing this size further. I will most likely create a set of moulds with the view to cast dolls in the same plaster resin as I use for my fabric-bodied doll heads. I will also be investigating some other materials. This little doll will be known as the Nini Doll Mini.

A fully sculpted Nini in 30cm and 38cm heights is also being considered. Once I have established a successful miniature prototype I will develop the larger dolls also. I’m also looking at a few different head sculpt options to explore different face shapes.

Please do keep checking in to follow the progress of my fully sculpted dolls as well as my fabric-bodied Nini dolls. I’m working on both in conjunction in my quest to one day become a full-time doll maker.

With very best wishes,

Jonny X