A busy time! / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

I hope you are all well!

Many thanks as always for checking in on the latest Nini Doll news. It has been a very busy time for me over the last few months which has involved making some significant decisions that will hopefully mean more dedicated time for my Nini Doll making in the future. This post may read as a little more personal than some so forgive me for indulging myself!

Behind the scenes I have been preparing for a move away from London, at first without fully realising it. I have lived in London for 25 years now and it has been a incredible place to live with so many opportunities and wonderful friends. I think the combination of my age and a series of events in the last few years have slowly but surely brought me to a point where I am ready to set up house elsewhere, but hopefully still within easy distance. In recent months I’ve invested many days and hours working on my flat and the communal areas and gardens because I enjoy it, but also as I have fully come to realise, because I am preparing to leave it behind. I’ve juggled this with a job that has become full-time again and also with my Nini Doll making wherever I can fit it in. My Nini making has had to take a step back in the last few months, but with the hope that I will eventually have a lot more time to invest in it. Doll making has fully presented itself as something that makes me tick and draws upon all of my creative interests. I have to listen to that tick and act upon it.

My flat is now ready and about to go on the market and I’m looking to have more time in the evenings and at weekend to invest in my passion. My ‘Little Sunshine’ doll is almost ready and I hope to reveal her soon.

Thank you for all of your continued interest and support. I appreciate every little bit.

With very best wishes,