Little Sunshine! / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

What a hot summer we are having and what an eventful year it has been. I am currently in the process of down-scaling certain areas of my life in order to up-scale my Nini production. The time I have available to explore my own creativity has been restricted of late and I plan to turn that around again as soon as possible!

Im pleased that my latest doll, 'Little Sunshine', is taking shape. I have uploaded a few photos of the work in progress, showing her summer dress almost complete and the golden yellow socks in production. I'm making her a little shorter than some of my previous dolls as I very much wanted her to have a younger girl's proportions. She's a sweet natured girl, perhaps a little nervous in unfamiliar company and situations, but will grow to be bold and confident I'm sure! I am using fabrics kindly donated by a dear friend that belonged to her parents in the late 1960s / early 1970s. They are such sunny colours and I just had to draw and create a doll around the fabrics.

I hope to complete Little Sunshine in the next few weeks so please keep checking in for updates on her and other future dolls.

Best wishes to you all,