Debut Day for Nini Doll xxiii 'School's Out' / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

It's a chilly day here in London, but it's the start of a long-awaited few days off work for me and I'm enjoying that crisp wintery air and flush to my cheeks!

My twenty-third doll has been completed for a few days now, but I wanted to wait until I could focus properly on introducing her. This little girl has an innocence and sometimes a shyness that I've so enjoyed having around. It has taken a few days to come to a point where I can let her go.

'School's Out' was inspired by the kind suggestion of a generous-spirited follower of my doll making. Photographs of 1950's African-American girls skipping their way home from school in the Harlem district sparked my imagination and my Nini is the outcome of this germ of an idea. She's a conscientious girl who also loves to chatter and play with her friends. She's a little shy with new people and is slowly having to learn a few street-wise ways, but her eyes and expression are still filled with innocence.

If you would like to join the mailing list and have the first opportunity to buy one of my dolls, please do not hesitate to contact me via my email or via the Nini Doll Facebook page. 

There is something a little special about this girl and I am sure she will find the perfect home.

With very best wishes and thank you for your kind interest,