'A memory of Gene' has swiftly found a new home! / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

I'm thrilled to announce that my most recent doll, my thirteenth, has found a new home straighaway. I appreciate that this may not always be the case, perhaps some future dolls will remain with me, but all the same I'm delighted my sailor has found a wonderful home.

Last night and today I have started work on my next few dolls. As always I'll post pictures here and on other social media sites as they progress. I hope that you enjoy them. Links can be found to other sites via the homepage. I often post different photographs and updates on different sites in the hope of not being repetitive!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all your incredible support and kindnesses.I'm off to see 'The Sound of Music' tomorrow with my family, including my niece Eliza. Eliza is my main muse and I'm sure I'll be inspired by our theatre trip.