'Lost at the Fair' my eleventh Nini Doll has arrived / by Jonathan Hayes

Dear Nini Friends,

I hope it's as beautiful a day where you are as it is here in Kent. Summer is almost here!

l've been working away on my eleventh Nini Doll these last few weeks, fitting in sewing and knitting wherever I possibly could. Entitled 'Lost at the Fair', her outfit has been inspired by photographs of my family from the late 1940s / early 1950s. She wears lace-trimmed underwear made from an antique embroidered handkerchief and a long petticoat made from antique broderie-anglaise. Her puff-sleeved, buttoned blouse is made from the same broderie-anglaise fabric and teamed with a gathered gingham skirt with buttoned-strap detail. I have hand-knitted a cardigan with pockets in a very pretty 'vintage' green and given her hair a matching ribbon. Her socks are also hand-knitted and I've fashioned her buckled shoes from real leather. She's my first doll with a shorter hair length and I've been honing my hairdressing skills! 

I will be photographing the little lost lass over the weekend and will be offering her for sale in the next few days. I hope that you like her.

Many thanks as always for your interest.

Best wishes,


For price and more detail, please contact me at johayes1@aol.com